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Equine Science Update brings you news of advances in equine science from around the world.


Every day scientists make discoveries that could influence the way we treat and care for our horses. Eventually those findings will become common knowledge. But it can take years for some of that information to reach horse owners.


With Equine Science Update, you can learn about the advances as they are made.

We share your thirst for knowledge. We’re always on the lookout for interesting news especially if it has practical implications.  When we find it, we’ll bring it to you.

Our aim is to offer you information that you can apply to promote the health and welfare of your horse. It may be fascinating, surprising or just practical.






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Potential new treatment for joint infections

A new therapy could help overcome joint infections in horses…..

Possible new foal pneumonia treatment?

A possible new treatment for foal pneumonia that doesn’t risk causing multi-drug resistance has been discovered….

Foot lameness improved by stifle anaesthesia

A positive response to blocking the stifle joint does not rule out lameness in the foot, recent research has shown…

How khulans get water

Khulan, a species of wild ass living in the Gobi Desert, travel over extremely long distances to find food and water…

Microchip body temperature monitoring

Strategically placed microchip readers could be used to monitor body temperature, a recent study has shown…